when worlds collide

Lauren Bush, Barbara Bush and Vincent Gallo. Somewhere.

Bonus Quote
"It is true that I am fat. But one day I shall be thin, and [Vincent Gallo] will still be the director of The Brown Bunny."
--Roger Ebert


nancyenge said...

I want to avoid all obvious snarky comments and just offer this:
1) dress no. 1 is too skimpy
2) facial expression of no. 2 tells the whole story
3) I both love and am a little bit scared of Vincent Gallo, which is probably just what he intended

ahclem said...

Try watching* Trouble Every Day and seeing where the balance of love/fright ends up.

* This is not actually meant literally. Despite really liking some of Claire Denis' work (especially Friday Night), I can not in good conscience recommend Trouble Every Day to anyone.