media quiz of the day

From what website was the following screen grab made? (I'd provide multiple choice answers, but that would undoubtedly give it away.)

everything you need to know about the financial "regulation" bill

(from the AP via the indispensable Glenn Greenwald)




9000 says:
"Reblog if u care ... Nobody seems to care anymore. We care about LadyGaga zeitgeist of Ignorance, (our constant stimulation has assumed priority) and the FIFA Soccer Cup of Mafia and Corporations (organized crime). www.ustream.tv/pbsnewshour "
Update: For any readers not familiar with Twitter, a bit more insight into the above may be found here.



modern art #2

The Rude Pundit, on Twitter:
Coated in mud at Bonnaroo, I said, "Look at me. I'm a Gulf pelican." Everyone laughed. Then I died.


i feel better

Unfortunately, embedding this video has been disabled, so click the image to watch it at YouTube. (At first blush, you may be wondering why I'm posting this. Keep watching. Trust me.)