The latest in the continuing series. This particular memory inspired by a friend's standing-room-only reading that I attended this past week at one of our local bookstores. Watching her read in exactly the same place Rocket Girl read nearly sixteen years ago.

Capitola - Summer, 1995.


not quite a hiatus

As you might deduce from the weeks that have passed since the last post, things are currently a bit (well, actually more than a bit) unsettled chez citizen. But rather than just let this sucker sit here untended while things either do or do not work out, I thought I'd fill the void with assorted stuff I happen upon during my increasingly sporadic random net exploration - minus the scintillating commentary that this blog has never actually become known for.

Today, via Clayton Cubitt, it's the video for Woodkid's Iron. Both the song and video are by Yoann Lemoine (who, coincidentally, was also the director of this previously posted video). While you can watch it below, it's a lot better at its orginal size on vimeo or at Yoann's web site.