super seven incher

When I first encountered the ad below, I was virtually certain that it was the result of someone playing around with Photoshop. I mean, no actual major international corporation would really produce that ad, right?

Wrong. It's real.

As someone who has spent the majority of his career in marketing, I truly believe that great advertising can be both effective and, in its own way, an art form. But stuff like this just makes me want to take a shower.

Update: In checking out some of the online response to this ad, I came across this post by Brian Donovan that makes an additionally damning point. If you look at what the ad is literally implying, eating the Seven Incher is like giving, rather than receiving a blowjob. So the real message is:
"The BK Super Seven Incher. It's just like sucking a dick."


nancyenge said...

like smoking cigars!

ahclem said...

Good point.

So how about this?