father's day

On December 7, 2007, one Buck Hyers posted the following on the AskART discussion board dedicated to an early California artist named Henry Hart:
H. Hart
In 1962, I acquired an oil painting in a heavy gold leaf frame, approximately 36" by 17". The painting had been hanging in an office at the Alpert Meat Packing Co. in San Francisco for many years. I was part of the demolition crew when the building was demolished. The painting is a landscape and is oil on canvas. The signature is H. Hart. Can anyone help me identify the artist?
As far as I've been able to discover, this is the only reference on the internet to anything having to do with my father, Harry Alpert.

He was a hell of a dad.

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Unknown said...

Happy fathers' day, Mr. Koan. You and your honey are a blessing to your kids (who may not fully appreciate it quite yet...but will).