double life

The photos below are from photographer Kelli Connell's series, Double Life. Each is created by combining two or more images in Photoshop. Every figure in every photo is the same model. (Some people on the web seem to have made the erroneous assumption that the model is Ms. Connell herself. It is not.)

Ms. Connell states that the work, "represents an autobiographical questioning of sexuality and gender roles that shape the identity of the self in intimate relationships." While Ms. Connell clearly owes a debt to Cindy Sherman's seminal Untitled Film Stills, her approach to exploring these issues is very much her own. Plus, they are wonderful photographs (always a bonus).

The entire series can be seen at Ms. Connell's website. (Click the "Images" link to exit the slide show and have direct access to the individual photos.)


Guest House

5 AM

Head To Head

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