cow clicker!

Back in my post about Echo Bazaar (with, BTW, totally rocks), I claimed that I was, "a person who refuses to go anywhere near any Facebook games." Well, never say never. For I have recently found a Facebook game that truly transends the very category of "Facebook game."

Said game is Cow Clicker, by video game designer and critic Ian Bogost. It's genius. As decribed by Mr. Bogost:
"You get a cow. You can click on it. In six hours, you can click it again. Clicking earns you clicks. You can buy custom "premium" cows through micropayments (the Cow Clicker currency is called "mooney"), and you can buy your way out of the time delay by spending it. You can publish feed stories about clicking your cow, and you can click friends' cow clicks in their feed stories."
If you're on Facebook, you owe it to yourself to check it out. And if you're looking for something to do in those six hours between clicks, you might find this post by Mr. Bogost rather intriguing.


nancyenge said...

I followed his post with interest until this line:
"The dialectic between theory and practice often collapses into a call and response panegyric."
then my mind kind of glazed over. Happily, though, he lapsed immediately back into making sense, so I guess I'll go click me some cows too!

nancyenge said...

Oh wait, did I miss the point?

Debra said...

Interesting essay. Nice to see Heidigger dropped in as if on a mission to interject philosophy into what is otherwise, um, not philosophical. I ain't clicking on no cows, though.