another candidate for the most awesomest blog post ever

Today I stumbled upon a blog post entitled SLEDGEHAMMER AND WHORE on the blog, I find your lack of faith disturbing. The blog is described as "Another Screenwriter Blog." The blogger is identified only as "Josh."

It's a wonderful post. It's an epic post. I encourage my myriad of readers to go read it in its entirety. I feel (almost) certain that you will not be disappointed. (And while the first third gives the impression that it's all about the TV production business, keep reading.)

Also, while the subject of what motivates one to exercise plays only the smallest part in the narrative, it does offer one motivation that I don't believe I have ever before encountered:
"I know that at different times in this blog I've referred to myself as a fat, lazy fuck. But in truth...who am I kidding. That's exactly what I am. However, in the last year I've become a less fat, less lazy fuck. I've hired a trainer, mostly at the behest of my wife, who doesn't want me to die young and leave my child fatherless. My own motivation for working out is mostly to postpone my death at least until my wife is old enough that she can't remarry anyone that would sexually threaten me when I watch them fucking from Heaven."
Anyway, go read it.

Update: Bonus Coincidence

So after writing this, I went looking for clues about who "Josh" was.

An aside: A few weeks ago, we finally got an upgrade to our DSL connection that resulted in a connection speed somewhat faster than our previous barely-twice-the-rate-of-a-56k baud-modem connection. (We live in the semi-boonies as far as AT&T is concerned.) One result of this is that we can finally take advantage of Netflix's streaming service and get picture quality better than an about-to-fail-from-old-age VHS tape.

While looking for something to test the service, I found the TV series The Sarah Conner Chronicles and decided to watch the first episode. Four days later, I had watched all 31 episodes, up to the point where the series was cancelled at the end of season two.

I know I'm over a year behind the rabid fan community in being outraged by this (I'm sure most of them have reached the stage of acceptance and moved on), but I was seriously bummed. Particularly given that the season ended with a cliffhanger. Talk about lack of closure.

The point? "Josh" turns out to be Josh Friedman, writer and executive producer of The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Doesn't mean a damn thing, of course. But there you go.

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