mini quote of the day (right-wing hypocrite edition)

Indiana Republican Rep. Mark Souder, evangelical right-wing hypocrite (is that redundant?) and vocal supporter of "family values" and abstinance-only sex education, announced today that he is retiring. Seems that he has been having an affair with a young woman who he first met when she was a guest host on a Christian radio show in 2004, and who he later hired as a part-time staff member.

Souder, who has been married since 1974 and has three grown children, reportedly met his mistress for sex in various Indiana State Parks. And, in another of those death-of-irony moments, a video has surfaced in which Souder is interviewed by his mistress on the value of abstinance-only sex education (although it now seems to have disappeared from YouTube).

In his resignation speech today, Souder said he would be leaving "the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C." to focus on "...renewing my walk with my lord."

He and his lord will no doubt be walking along the Appalachian Trail.

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Debra said...

The last couple of days were more fun, but this is definitely the story for feeling smug. Here's the two of them discussing abstinence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj0i17nCTFo&feature=player_embedded