not the youtube of hitler railing against the ipad

In the tradition of (but, actually, nothing even remotely like) Michael David Murphy's intriguing Unphotographable, this post neither embeds, nor includes a link to, the YouTube video of the well-known Hitler-getting-the-bad-news scene from the German film, Der Untergang (The Downfall), re-subtitled to make it appear that Hitler is expressing his extreme displeasure with what he sees as the failings of the Apple iPad.

(And yes, this is indeed the blogging equivalent of one of those hipper-than-thou indy music fans that abandons their favorite band as soon as more than 12 other people acknowledge its existence.)

(No, wait. Is it actually just a way to link to someone else's site without it simply being a cheap post-with-a-link post?)

(No, wait again. Are three multi-word-with-hyphens phrases in one post a record?)

(OMG, that last question made it four).

(No! Must stop now or there is the possibility of triggering an infinite regression-fueled loop that could result in the collapse of the (known) universe into itself.)

(But, if th§¶åü©˚....


Erin O'Brien said...

What this post needs is some italics.

ahclem said...

I think you're right. Italics.

Oh, and cowbell.