one nation under god

If you've been pretty much anywhere on the internet today, you've probably seen reference to the rather astonishing piece of inspirational "art" pictured below. But to truly appreciate the almost unimaginable surreality of it, you have to go check out the original here (it'll open in a new window). Move your mouse over various figures to discover their symbolic meaning. Be sure to check out the folks around Satan in the lower right corner. When you can't read anymore without risk of your brain melting, come back here.

Now go here and repeat the process. I guarantee you'll feel much better.

Update: OMG, be sure to check out the Civil War soldier (at the far left) in the second link (anime fans only).


Debra said...

Rats. They took down the original. I guess I'm looking at the wrong part of the web. All I ever see is weather and NPR.

nancyenge said...

Fuck YEAH!