the golden state

Honestly, I much prefer hot girl-on-cat action to all this depressing and infuriating political crap, but jeeze...

Here's the indispensable digby, after describing some of the deep cuts to the California budget made by Gov. Schwarzenegger via his line-item veto (mostly in health services and education, including cuts in the Office of Aids Prevention and Treatment, elimination of state funding for community health clinic programs, $80 million cut from child welfare services, and lots more):
I sure hope the wealthy won't have reason to tread beyond their gated communities for the next few years because it's going to be a disease riddled, environmental hellhole out here for the rest of us. I suppose they can have supplies helicoptered in and bring their "concierge medicine" behind the fences. They're going to need to.

It's going to be expensive, but at least the losers won't be getting things they don't deserve.

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