I was thinking about doing something on the Obama DOJ's profoundly disappointing continuation of Bush-regime secrecy and immunity policies, along with at least one new, even more extreme, claim of their own, but man, after the last few posts, maybe a break from despair is in order. And anyway, Glenn Greenwald has already handled it superbly (as usual) here, here and here (you know when Obama's lost Olbermann, he's got a problem).

Instead, how about a bit of whimsy? Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing company, creates some of the most delightful web promotions out there. A few years ago, when I first discovered their UNIQLOCK Music.Dance.Clock, I spent more time than I'd like to admit watching it, but it always left me feeling just a little a bit happier than before watching. It changes every now and then. The current version is here, but I still prefer the "Season 2" version, with "Season 4" coming in a close second.

Their most recent creation is called The Tokyo Fashion Map. It takes a while to load, but it's so worth it (and this time without irony).


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