just like peanut butter cups

Here're two tastes that really go better together. You may have heard about the tax day tea-bagging parties that Fox "News" has been promoting for weeks. And you may have already seen this clip from Sex and the City. But put them together, as Jed Lewison over at Daily Kos TV has, and you get comedy gold.

This sort of pathetic cluelessness would be a lot funnier if the people spewing it weren't so infuriatingly successful in dominating our public discourse. (Thanks, mainstream media!). Particulalry when you discover from Think Progress (via Digby) that this supposed grassroots movement is actually engineered, financed, and organized by the lobbyist-run think tanks Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works (which has even created a number of websites made to look like they were set up by amateurs to promote the protests).

Bonus Cluelessness: The National Organization for Marriage, responsible for this fear-mongering, falsehood-filled anti-gay marriage ad, has inaugurated their "2 Million for Marriage" initiative, or "2M4M" for short. Oops!

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