our national discourse

Yesterday, somewhere between 30,000 and 110 Quizillion! largely white, middle-aged teabaggers descended on Washington DC to express their outrage at the impending destruction of our democratic society at the hands of affordable health care. Or something. (And no, the fact that we have a black president has absoutely nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing at all.)

Here, drawn from around the web, are a few examples of their well-reasoned expressions of concern:
That sign says:
"Obama, we have waken up to your evil plans to destroy our country. Take your racist un-american Acorn groups and arrogent wife back to your own country and strip their rights away!"
("arrogent wife" Issues much?)

Nazis? Astroturf!!!!? WTF?

And what is it about Fox "News" viewers and spelling?
(My apologies for no photo credits. I was just grabbing these as I found them and sloppily forgot to note their sources. Sorry.)

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