cylon photography

Does anyone else find this just the tiniest bit unsettling?

From Digital Photography Review:
Sony has announced the Party-shot personal photographer, an automated photo-taking cradle. The device uses the DSC-WX1 and DSC-TX1's face- and smile detection functions to detect photo opportunities in social environments. The Party-shot sits on a table or tripod and tilts and pans to locate and follow potential subjects. It will also recompose its shots based on the rule-of-thirds.


Key Features:
Snaps pictures at an event - automatically.
Intelligently searches and tilts to follow subjects and take photos.
Dual Shooting Modes
Smile Shutter™ technology automatically detects smiles and Face Detection technology recognizes faces to take photos at the right moment.
Intelligent composition uses the rule of thirds to compose great shots.
Motion Detection
Motion detection seeks out movement to take photos at the right moment.
And it no doubt comes with a built-in wireless connection to Skynet.


Unknown said...

I am totally disturbed by its use of the rule of thirds. I mean, hello, what about the golden ratio?

nancyenge said...

I think I read that "Golden Intelligence" is an upgrade coming real soon!