sometimes they just write themselves

The New York Daily News reports that bus matron Linda Hockaday was fired and jailed Friday on charges of stranding a severely disabled man overnight aboard a freezing bus. The 22 year old man, who suffers from cerebral palsy and reportedly has the mind of a toddler, fell asleep on the bus while returning from a program he attends in SoHo and was left on the bus by Hockaday when it reached the bus company parking lot. After being reported missing by his panicked family, he was finally discovered 17 hours later curled up and rocking inside the bus. He was hospitalized for hypothermia as the overnight temperature had dropped to 15 degrees.

According to authorities, Hockaday, whose job it is to be responsible for the bus passengers, admitted knowing that the man was still on the bus, but choose to leave him there because....

(Wait for it.)

....she didn't want to be late for church.

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