a question

I spend a fair amount of zone-out time looking at the online portfolios of photographers and artists (hence 404). And over the last few years I've noticed an annoying trend. The structures and interfaces of online portfolios seem to be becoming more and more arcane. Many are actually bringing back nostalgic memories of playing Myst back in the early 90s. That feeling of being plopped down in a lovely, but cryptic environment, with no real idea of what you're suppposed to be doing. And then just clicking everything in sight, hoping one thing or another is going to react in a way that makes something happen.

Are budding photographers and illustrators now regularly taught that art directors select freelancers based on the incomprehensibility (and Flash-ladeness) of their site's GUI?

Just curious.

(And I'm sorry, but horizontal scrolling is just wrong.)


nancyenge said...

Next thing you know, the kids'll be on your damn lawn.

ahclem said...

Just let 'em try. The little whippersnappers will get a lesson they'll never forget.