rerun (child rapists edition)

From the Guardian UK, in a story headlined, "Pope dismisses 'petty gossip' of sexual abuse allegations":
Pope Benedict, facing the worst crisis of his papacy as a sexual abuse scandal sweeps the Catholic church, declared today he would not be "intimidated" by "petty gossip", angering activists who say he has done too little to stamp out paedophilia.
Of course, activists (and, in fact, every human being with an ounce of humanity) should be angered by a church hierarchy dedicated to protecting child rapists. But being pissed off by that "petty gossip" comment? Hey, if you've been covering up for child rapists for as long as these folks have, one or two more allegations probably would seem pretty much like petty gossip to you. After all, the church is now lead by a man who punished a priest for holding a Mass at a peace demonstration (leading the man to ultimately leave the priesthood), but who couldn't be bothered to take action against hundreds of priests who were raping young children (apart from doing everything possible to make sure that knowledge of their actions didn't become public and "embarrass" the church).

So, in honor of the attention now being given to this "petty gossip," here is a reprise of a video I first posted as part of a longer entry last summer. Back then I saw it as confrontational comedy designed to make Bill Donohue's head explode (always a worthy goal). Now, it's looking more and more like a documentary.

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