Yesterday we noticed that Theya, one of our four doggie companions, appeared to have lost a lot of weight (but was otherwise her usual rambunctious self). Rocket Girl made plans to take her to the vet next week for a checkup.

This morning she seemed to be having trouble breathing, gasping for air and making distressing sounds in the process. We've known for a while that she has a heart murmur, with its attendant risk of congestive heart failure, so this is profoundly disturbing. At the moment, she's doing better, resting comfortably. If she remains so, she'll go to the vet tomorrow. If not, I'll take her to the emergency animal hospital today.

Either way, we're not expecting good news.

This royally sucks.

Update 11/10: The vet confirms it's congestive heart failure, but with medication, Thea still has many happy years ahead of her. Whew!

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